Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(child deformed by an illustrator, via) This is an image from an ad for something or other from some publication from some time ago. This is what adenoids are. That is all. Previous strange image of the week:
Human dermatology logos.
The rolling grass thing.
The Horshack Rorschach.
The human watermelon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enlarged adenoids cause mouth-breathing and can actually change the bone structure of a child's face, which is probably what the ad is getting at. How they were proposing to cure it is not clear.... But we did have my son's adenoids reduced last year, and the "deformity" issue, while not quite the way people would put it nowadays, is part of the reason. Who wants the bone structure of an innocent person's face to be negatively affected by mouth-breathing? But the main reason is that enlarged adenoids make it harder for your kid to breathe! And the surgery is actually much higher-risk for adults, so having it done early has a lot of advantages.

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