Monday, January 04, 2010

Canadian plastic surgeon's ads strrretch the truth a tad.

(click ads, via) Walker cutie sez: FUCK hip surgery, as long as I look like my granddaughter. Sleeping stud sez: FUCK oral surgery, as long as I'm sloppily going down on men/woman 1/3 my age. It's hard to react with any outrage here when the smooth-skinned Dr. Wayne R. Perron, via Calgary ad agency WAX, has chosen to so outrageously nip/tuck reality. FYI—scarily, several of my poor hillbilly relatives have had facelifts. Previously: ghastly-faced Paris Hilton/Angelina Jolie used to sell plastic surgery to Ecuadorians.


Anonymous mrjohn said...

so the surgery is so debilitating it leaves you unable to walk unaided & makes your teeth fall out ?

10:49 PM  

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