Monday, March 15, 2010

Fat criminals ARE easier to shoot.

(click ads, via) Get shot. Lose weight. Questionably executed campaign using gun range target imagery for Marilia Light dairy products, via Brazil. Translation: Goodbye Fat. Look at those inviting kill zones. Blam BLAM! By Rio agency Percepttiva. Previous ads that took shots at fat people:
Hey fat whale/cow women: time to evolve!
Vespa's new more powerful scooter for fatties.
Singapore light beer ads make fun of fat/ugly chicks.
Gold's Gym uses facebook/twitter references to mock fatties.


Blogger Rich said...

Unbelievably bad idea, while also representing how publics tend to be selective in which demographics are selectively chosen for protection.

Then again, I'm not all that surprised, however, to see it hail from Brazil. The culture is significantly different. And, unless I'm mistaken, it leads the world in plastic surgery.


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