Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7' 6" Yao Ming lifts American investor up where he belongs.

(click ad twice, badly scanned from today's WSJ) The Houston Rockets center (who is nine feet tall in this illustration) is joined be fellow hoopster countrymen, including inept 6' 11" Washington Wizards (as of yesterday) big man Yi Jianlian (far right). The ad for GMC—an "all-star" team of Chinese manufacturers—was part of a special Chinese advertising page in the first section of the paper. Doing business these days in the economically-exploding People's Republic is a 灌篮 (slam dunk)! (Just a bizarre thing to see in the WSJ, or anywhere really.) Previously, here's a roundup of eight bizarre Chinese ads.


Anonymous Lester said...

Yao Ming's always been tall. 5'5" by the age of ten! When he was born, his mom had to be driven to the hospital in a stretch limousine.

2:09 PM  

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