Thursday, July 01, 2010

Citgo attempts to pun its way into your oil-hatin' hearts.

(click image, via adpulp) While bp continues to literally fuel death and destruction, $30 billion Citgo is fueling good™, with a whopping "$10,000 in gas and lubricant prizes to deserving charities!" The word "good" appears 13 times on the landing page. Note the melting pot of friendly faces. Meanwhile, Shell's sparkling new worldwide marketing campaign features nothing but blue skies and cute kids.
I expect some of the other supermajors to be rolling out "we're not evil bp" campaigns before year's end. Here's a couple of creative linchpins for ExxonMobil, etc., gratis: talking animated sea birds (a la the e-trade babies); Oil Derrick Safety Facts, presented by Derek Jeter, ubiquitous ad-whore; talk Taiwanese hip-hop boy band Energy out of retirement; I don't know, what do you want for five minutes? How 'bout a "We're Not bp" jingle?


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