Monday, August 02, 2010

Bonds tries to get Australian men to buy some new underwear.

(click ads, via) No easy proposition, amirite Australian women? Some of us men would rather get an un-anesthetized colonoscopy then throw out one old pair of stretched, ripped, stained, skivvies. They're like our trophies of bro-hood. (Gay men, please stop laughing at us idiot heteros and move on.) The curry one is just wince-inducing. The ads are from late last year, but just recently got posted online. Via Sydney ad agency The Campaign Palace, whose Bonds women's panty commercial is a sort of smutty ode to Busby Berkeley.
Previous men's underwear ads
: Unno (for a bigger package) • Jockey (George W. Bush mocked) • Jockey (displaced ballsack-vertising) • 2(x)ist (increase your carbon cockprint).


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