Monday, August 30, 2010

F*cking the gardener humor for Tide.

(click ad, via) Yet another instance of "Ad That Will Never Ever Run In the United States." (Here's two previous examples: Tampax; Stihl.) First, because it's too subtle. And secondly, because Amuricans would flood P&G's headquarters/in box with hate mail. It does memorably separate Tide from other laundry detergents, though. By the Madrid office of Leo Burnett. Previously: Erectile Dysfunction humor used to sell fabric softener.


Anonymous MIXnMATCH said...

[Ad That Will Never Ever Run In the United States.]

Sample of imaginary hate mail from Arizona:

"How can that bungalow white trash afford a gardener, so i guess the pool boy is somewhere in the back?"

12:05 PM  

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