Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First time ever: Sex Pistols song in an ad.

No, NOW Punk is dead. copyranter didn't kill it. Good Charlotte didn't kill it. Iggy Pop didn't kill it. Crunch Gym came close. But no, really this is it. UK bookmaker William Hill bought "Pretty Vacant" from the Pistols, which, if you listen carefully, is actually about gambling on football. ("Liar," "No Feelings, " or "Bodies" would have been more appropriate selections.) According to EMI, it's the first time a Sex Pistols song has been used in an ad. The four current members of the band have each been given a £500 bet to make for a charity of their choice, according to Brand Republic. Sid just puked on his face in his grave.


Blogger Ted said...

Yes, but not the first appearance on a commercial:

2:13 PM  

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