Thursday, October 28, 2010

Footwear brand sez stop global warming because their shoes are getting wet.

(click ads, via) Hot shoes for a hot planet (©copyranter 2010). Previously, Bianco addressed the global financial crisis with even stupider ads. This campaign via Denmark is kind of bleh—it needs to be more provocative, ironic, cheeky, sexy, something. Plus, I can't see the shoes clearly! Diesel, by the way, did the exact same idea better three years ago. One bit of praise: nice type treatment with the bottom of the headline disappearing. Previous noteworthy footwear ads:
Centro (nudity) Max (sleazy) Aldo (stupid) • Jimmy Choo (dead woman) Kate Spade (another dead woman) • John White (sexist) • Harvey Nichols (really sexist).


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