Thursday, October 28, 2010

Questionable Product of the Week: 40 proof chocolate milk.

(click image) "Re-taste your youth at 40 proof" it says at the Adult Beverage Company website. Sure, pour a big glass and wash down some pot-laced sugar cookies while drawing in your x-rated coloring book. They're also selling adult fruit punch, orange cream and limeade concoctions. They say the drinks "taste just like your favorite treats from way back when." Be my guest (via). Previous questionable products:
Men's tissues.
Tit firming cream (nsfw)
Stress-reducing dog food.
female orgasm enhancer.
the $14,615 exercise bike.
world's first eco-friendly vodka.


Anonymous The Denver Egotist said...

That's questionable, but this is even more so:

11:50 AM  

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