Monday, December 06, 2010

Sketchers Ad Insults Women.

(click ad, scanned from Star) Love your ass and "make your bottom half your better half!" Yes, comely and homely ladies alike—that should be your ultimate goal. Add in the fact that it's been repeatedly proven that these types of butt shoes are bullshit, and the ad is completely irredeemable. Previously in Bullshit Butt Shoe ads: Reebok.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! I took a picture of this at my local mall, except I didn't photograph the whole ad so I wasn't sure what company I was supposed to be angry with. I'm posting the image on my own blog and linking it to you; you said everything I wanted to say.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Bullsht said...

I saw the commercial!!! Bullshit. She shakes her butt (wearing only panty) and then all was black except her butt. Still shaking it!! What does skechers advertise? Panties or tone ups? Hahaha!

10:20 AM  

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