Monday, January 17, 2011

Depressing as hell commercial makes me hate the f*ck out of Mercedes-Benz.

Seriously, never has a car commercial unsold a car to me better than this one. "I though I would never go back. And then I did." Because you saw an expensive luxury car? Congrats Dieter, you're now the worldwide face for soulless consumerism. And you looked so much better with a beard. Nice work, Jung von Matt, the responsible German ad agency who also produced this self-promo ad which perfectly unsold the ad biz to me. Previously: Mercedes-Benz takes the aviators off of George Steinbrenner's dead face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep, that's me unsold. Who would give up that lakeside spot for a f*cking car? an advert by idiots for idiots.

When are people gonna get over petrol and start thinking forwards instead of lining unethical oil companies pockets?

7:14 AM  

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