Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oliviero Toscani's female pubic hair calendar (nsfw).

(click images, via) Pussy hair is hot lately (nsfw). The photographer famous for his controversial Benetton ads, and more recently, the "no anorexia" campaign (nsfw) featuring the now deceased Isabelle Caro, is again pissing off Italians with a "genital triangle" calendar for leather company Vera Pelle. It features nothing but close-up shots of unkempt pussy hair.
Said Toscani: "I wanted to deglamorize the classic fashion industry photos where women totter in high heels wearing bright red lipstick...and everything is revealed apart from the genital triangle, the real heart of seduction. My photos are not diabolical at all, they capture a beautiful, healthy part of the body."
You may be wondering what female pubic hair has to do with leather goods, and I say how dare you question GENIUS. Caveat: I would have liked to have seen him trim the bushes into handbag shapes. Previously in: naughty "down there" ads.


Anonymous franCo. said...

"the genital triangle,
the real heart of seduction,
warts and all"
"il triangolo genitale,
il vero cuore della seduzione,
verruche e tutte le"

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! I want a hundred!

5:54 PM  

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