Monday, February 14, 2011

The dumbest Valentine's Day ad I could find.

(click ad ,via) I looked through hundreds of dumb V-Day ads. This was the dumbest. Here's a double shit burger sweetie, will you marry me? From 2004. Ad agency: TBWA Paris. Previous dumbest ads:
• dumbest coffee ad.
• dumbest tampon ad.
• dumbest hockey ads.
• dumbest condom ad.
• dumbest Water Day ad.
• dumbest investment ad.
• dumbest bookseller ad.
• dumbest WonderBra ad.
• dumbest motorcycle ads.
• dumbest weed wacker ad.
• dumbest protein drink ad.
• dumbest domestic violence ads.
• and the dumbest ad I've ever seen.


Blogger nobody said...

That's pretty fantastically shitty.

1:18 PM  

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