Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is a very strange way to sell hand cream to women.

(click ads, via) The ads are translated from German, but you get the overly contrived idea—don't let your hands get old like these outdated devices. The vibe of the layouts/photoshoots is bizarre. And the over-art directed typefaces aren't working at all. I don't know, the ads are just strangely depressing.
Ad agency: JWT Germany. The skincare category has seen some strange ads, like:
• Make your knees look like boobs.
• Aging process halted by punctuation.
• For skin so sexy, it has to be pixelated.
• Her secret to beautiful skin? She swallows.
• Racist skin-whitening cream ad via Indonesia.
• Fake boobs used in bust-firming cream ads (nsfw).


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