Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Russian Ad Watch: selling cigarettes to teen girls.

(click ads) No, Kiss is not a brand of candy cigs, they're the real thing. But they taste like burnt lollipops and toasted ice cream? The headline reads roughly: "Thoughts in the style of Kiss!" The copy: "I love everything new, delicious, and round!" (Russian readers, if you have a better translation, please comment.) Russia's Federal Anti-monopoly Service ordered Kiss to pull the ads. The company responded by filing a lawsuit, which is scheduled to be ruled on August 9th, according to And we thought Joe Camel blatantly targeted teens. Related: Here in the US, Camel targets fashion-conscious young women with a brand called No.9, available in "stiletto" length.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translation of first one is good. The copy of second: "If it's not allowed, but realy want, you can do it".
Actualy looks like well paid fake! It need to be realy dolt to approve this "ads".

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm originally from Russia, and print with ice-cream has copy smth like that in english "If you are not allowed, but you really want, you can". between stupidity and vulgarity

9:08 AM  

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