Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look at this crazy 3-D Mini billboard!

(click image, via)
It's crazy! A lizard tongue snagging some sort of bird!
Expect Big Things! I don't get it. It looks cool, though.
Ad agency: WCRS and Co., London.
Previous 3-D Mini billboards: MoscowMilan.
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Blogger Vinnie said...

Did you search for "mini big things" using Google.com? Nothing comes up. Switch to Google.co.uk, since the campaign is targeting the UK only. Anyway. You get this: http://www.mini.co.uk/campaigns/bigthings/

The image on the opening page makes more sense than this lizard execution unless we have humongous lizards.

Here's another 3D Mini billboard. http://tinyurl.com/4yrddfu

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lizard has been the subject of many poems. Edward Robeson Taylor, lawyer, physician, poet, one time mayor of San Francisco, and Dean of the Hastings Law School, once wrote the following poem.

Upon an age-worn, upright stone
Of gems that once had been a part
Of some great tree's rejoicing heart
A Lizard, motionless and lone,
A glowing, living emerald shone
Of such encrusted, radiant sheen,
He reigned the monarch of the scene--
A creature nature's hand had done
When wrought the earth, and air, and sun,
In most harmonious unison.
He viewed us, as we passed him by,
With calm and yet with questioning eye,
But moveless still, as though the stone
Were portion of his being's own,
And voiceless as the forest is,
Whose jewelled ruins all are his.
The desert seemed to hold him there
As one of her supremest fair,
As one to whom our souls should owe
The best that beauty's love can know,
And with her prideful voice to say,
"See how I gem my breast of gray!"

4:19 PM  

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