Saturday, November 26, 2011

One of these Time magazine covers is not like the others.

Covers for this week's issue.
Because, Amarekins don't care none fur furenors.
How fucking sad our country full of moronic isolationist dipshits is.
Also, Fuck you, Time.
Previous Time covers: Dead GaddafiDead bin Laden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will buy the US edition. I am not afraid to say that I am sick and tired of hearing about these uprisings in Muslim countries. I don't care to read about yet another one, this time in Egypt. This does not make me an isolationist dipshit. There are other things going on around the world too, you know. I want to hear about those!

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the "other things going on around the world" you want to read about is a self oriented article about why something you don't like is good for you.

And you wonder why so many of us think that the US is rapidly disappearing up its own arsehole.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Dorchester said...

Like how anxiety is good for you? Yeah, the problem is the world isn't all about you or your stupid fucking anxieties.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey foreign douche bags,

Don't twist my words.

I didn't say the world is about us, the Americans. And instead of commenting on what I said, why don't you say what you think about this? So much hatred towards the Americans. I said I was sick of hearing/reading about what's going on in the Muslim world. There's has been tons of coverage in the US about it. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc. My point is that the world is not just those countries or Israel for that matter. And if the blog owner is so ashamed of being an American, he is free to open a creative shop in Egypt or, better, Nigeria.

6:22 PM  
Blogger cheeseonearth said...

Anonymous if you tried to read, you know, actual news, you'd know that US is directly involved in many of those places. Not sure if you heard about it, but US has been having a war in Afghanistan for 10 years. So, actually it's about you.

So, there you go. You can be self-involved by reading about those foreigners.

6:32 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

Three letters fer ya, Amarekin: O-I-L.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous -1-T-M- said...

@ cheeseonearth, good will toward all. Even though it pains me, that also includes you anon 3:31 PM 6:22 PM

The United States is estimated to have anything from 700 military bases around the world to more than 1,000. They include everything from small drone sites on dusty foreign airfields, to the sprawling Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan with more than 20,000 troops.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

copyranter: you may have seen this

So awesome.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:54: Note that AT&T leaves the US out of its best coverage list!

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an isolationist dipshit, 3:31 pm. great country to be proud of you got there, by the way.

well said, 5:28 pm.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Tom Megginson said...

I found a picture of Anon 3:31

9:54 AM  

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