Friday, October 12, 2007

Link Haze, 10/12/07.

Former AdFreak writer Catherine Taylor has her own blog now, adverganza. She updates several times a day, and she knows her stuff.
"Performance" "artist" Stelios Arcadious spent ten years looking for a surgeon willing to implant a real, working ear in his forearm. As you can see, he found one. (link)
Mr. "Impossible Is Nothing" (so is his goal total) David "Bend My Ankle" Beckam looks like a tool here, shirtless while wearing wireless headphones. (link)
Those seeking a good insidery ad agency read should check out Agency Tart. Here, she reproduces something we're all familiar with: The incomprehensible client email. (link)
Again, Doritos is looking at You, the consumer, to do their ad work for them. This time, it's a Super Bowl song. I hear some crunchy Latino-influenced Speed Metal. (link)
Via Japan: a digital push-up counter (?). What it doesn't count—how many operations you're going to need on your arthritic wrists after doing so many push-ups. (link)
The nine manliest names in the world. Not on the list: Donny Deutsch or badass Alex Bogusky. #1? Max Fightmaster (his real name). (link)
For you newbies: this Starbucks post from 2005 is what first put me on the sycophantic blog map. (link)
Lastly, there's one Bacon Wristband left. You people, apparently, don't want it. Send me a good tip by Monday you fucks, or I'm keeping it.


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