Friday, October 19, 2007

Link Haze (from HELL), 10/19/07.

You probably think a Michael Jackson Halloween mask couldn't possibly be scarier than his "real" face. (link)
Violent TV shows/video games do not create violent children—I was right! (I wrote a half-ass paper on this in college). (link)
The most misogynistic cigarette extinguisher in the history of Man. (link)
Joe Weider is a man's man, and his old ads had big sweaty balls (unfortunately, many of the bodybuilders who used his products also used steroids, and therefore probably had small sweaty balls. (link)
A more apt execution in the current, lazy song-lyrics Chevy campaign. (link)
This week's buzzwordy goodness from Agency Tart: "Weekly Vertical Research Review Session." (link)
Speaking of Sperm, DONATE IT NOW, DUMMY! (link)
Plagiarism and advertising go together like cold milk & warm cookies. Mmm, delicious regurgitated unoriginalness. (link)
Real estate horror stories via video. Today's is from the (cough douchebags cough) broker's POV. (link)
"She needs energyless, artificially sweetened food and beverages like a turtle needs a seat belt (?)." (link, thanks for the tip, Chris Jarvis)
Latest place you can't look if you don't want to see an ad—snowplow blades. (link)
Monday was Blog Action Day for a "Green" planet. Maybe Monday should have been Green People Day for a multicultural ad industry? (link)
111 mostly less-than-buff men showed up to shop shirtless at a Fifth Avenue Abercrombie & Fitch. Brilliant. (link)
The 6 most terrifying foods in the world. (link)
The posh Claridge in London now offers 30 different bottled waters from around the world, for you fucking connoisseurs. (link)
The "Rudy" bat, black like his heart. HAHA, your precious Yanks lost. (link)
FINALLY, Bacon Wristbands Winners, I am NOT full of shit. I am full of LAZY. I promise you'll get your Christmas. (also, there's still ONE left!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ashtray makes me want to throw up, then smash it over the jackass who made it. I've never seen anything so degrading. I have a 5 year old daughter and I shudder to think of her growing up in such a misogynistic world.

3:49 PM  

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