Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Madison Park lowers hyperbole to an art form.

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When the cheapest "residence" in your building is $6,900,000, your average high-falutin' NYC real estate hyperbole just ain't bullshitty enough. Brief background from Wikipedia: Stieglitz's gallery was nearby on Fifth Avenue; He snapped hundreds of portraits of painter O'Keeffe and some nudes; he dropped his wife like a Warhol knockoff to bang her full-time.
OK. Well, we now have a new leader in the "Disgusting Appropriation of Famous Name(s) to Sell Overpriced Boxes; 184 Thompson's pissing on Jimi Hendrix's grave slides to the 2nd spot. Here's some more rhetoric from the Website of this "modern refined refuge": To live there is "a once in a lifetime chance to make history" (Jesus). The lobby will feature "an extraordinary permanent installation by one of the world's most celebrated artists"(hope you guys follow through on that promise!). Residents will have access to a private screening room developed in partnership with a "Hollywood powerhouse" (HAHAHAAA!).
One more thing—apparently they're only accepting applications from people made of Platinum.
(scanned from the November 7th W magazine by reader Amy Zahl—thanks!)


Blogger ricpic said...

Who has time to take nudies of his girlfriend when he's killing himself to make the payments on a $6.9 mil apt?

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what's a better way to sell one of these? I'm trying to write one now, and the only direction I'm getting is "Romance!" "Sophistication!" "It doesn't romance me!" "SOPHISTICATION!"

2:41 PM  

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