Friday, December 21, 2007

Link Haze, 12/21/07.

• I am back from another holiday luncheon, and I am again drunk.
• My friend Brett, aka Cajun Boy In The City, likes to write fake craigslist ads. This one, where he pretends to be a banker looking to spend his "772k" bonus on a woman, is precious—more so are the replies. (link)
• For those of you looking for another way to support our troops, here's covert X-mas ornaments that blend in with the tree—camo balls. (link)
• This is the worst ad wordplay I've seen since this one. (link)
• Three commercials of note: a recruitment spot for the Ukrainian army (link), nothing like racist local auto dealership ads (link), and Germany needs more babies ladies, so wear more sexy underwear (link)—thanks to Edith George for the tip!
• Make your own Jackson Pollock knockoff. (link)
• Arby's is airing a commercial showing chimpanzees doing a traditional Irish step dance. If I wasn't so drunk, I'd be offended. (link)
• Svedka is finally being forced to pull their moronic ads. (link)
• A wonderfully warm holiday chav story from England, complete with the funniest chav joke (OK, the only chav joke) I've ever read. (link)
• This is exactly what's it's like in a radio V/O session, except this time the talent is Santa Claus. (link)
Merry Fucking Christmas, Douchebags!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey. merry christmas to you, too! entertained and /or irritated by your blog this year, hope you're not gonna get bored of it, next year. cheers.

9:41 PM  
Blogger RFB said...

Appreciating the many haze links this year.

May all your Jersey Christmas Dreams come true.

And Baby Jesus, please bless the Archeress for putting up with Copyranter.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q.How do you know when a chav has had an orgasm?

A.She drops her chips.

Q.What key opens any door?
A. A pikey.

Q.What do pikeys get for Christmas?
A.Your presents.

That's 3 more chave jokes for ya. Merry fackin' Christmas! x

3:40 PM  

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