Friday, January 18, 2008

Link Haze, 1/18/08.

Prada introduces mini-skirts (sorry, they're tu-tus. Christ.) for men. To be worn with your suede Manolo open-toe slingbacks. (link)
cp+b (winners of 1, 2 copyranter Equine's Posterior™ awards!) has produced new work for Domino's. And it oozes suck. (link)
Jeff FoxJerky does something funny! (thanks to Daddy-O for the tip!) (link)
Ogilvy switches to "perpetual beta" mode. My reaction was 'what a load of horseshit.' David Burn's reaction at AdPulp was essentially the same, though he adopted a much more diplomatic, intelligent tone. (link)
You want irony? Vice magazine complaining about dog shit on the base of their New York sidewalk ashtray. (link)
Placemat advertising eases my stress, and represents everything that is good about America. (link)
Want to write a psychotic note in your own blood? Now you can. (link)
HighJive would like AdRants readers to know that all black men in suits don't actually look the same. (link)
Mona Lisa ID'ed? (link)
Paper plates made from 100% paper. Welcome to the bottom of the Eco Marketing barrel (the barrel is made from 100% wood) (link)
This may end up being the strangest five minutes of your entire life—it's a video interpretation of Ronald McDonald from Japan. Just watch it. (via CMM News)
Remember the stern black kid from the AccuQuote banner ad who was simmering over your lack of life insurance? Well, he's back and this time he's positively flummoxed by your lack of preparedness. (link)
44% of people completely disbelieve every company statement they hear/read. This is why they need ad agencies to better disguise those lies. (link)
Sarah Michelle Gellar is quickly becoming Katie Couric. (link)
It's the Gravity Defyer; PF Flyers for businessmen. (link)
Actor Luiz Guzmán is hawking Cabot Cheese. No, they're not after the Latino market; he just really digs the stuff. (link)
Finally, if you ever do make it to edgy hipster party enclave Bushwick Brooklyn, be prepared to witness party eulogy street art like this. (link) Speaking of "art," for you newish folk, here's the thread for my now-dead feature "art appreciation Fridays with copyranter"


Blogger Unknown said...

Oh my god. That Ronald McDonald video may be the scariest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. (And I've been held up at gunpoint)

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