Friday, January 18, 2008 reminds you hopeless romantics that there is, in fact, no hope.

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Valentine's Day's less than a month away!
Mildly interesting new campaign for currently running in the U.K. The Cupid casting looks about right but I've always thought of Fate as first—non-existent and second—a woman. But whatever. At least these ads actually sorta get right to the crux of why one would try to date online. As opposed to Herb Vest's "strategy" of unabashedly presenting a cavalcade of non-member bikini models and/or a cavalcade of non-member D-cuppers. Or eHarmony's cold, buzz-killing 12-CD, 400 question process. Or JDate's barf-inducing ad profiles.
(go to Adland to see some other print ads in the campaign)


Blogger Pot Thought said...

eHarmony advertising helps preserve my marriage. Should my husband piss me off, nothing spurs total forgiveness/surprise oral quite like hearing about "eHarmony's 398 dimensions of compatibility". It's bad out there, people. Love the one you're with!

2:07 PM  

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