Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Posing of Male Fashion Models—Deep Think.

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(L)—ad for Bally, known for their men's shoes, also makers of ready-to-wear fashion and accessories. Come with me as we take a trip to an in-studio lakeside lodge with...Mark. Yeah, he looks like a Mark to me, for some reason. Bally wants us to really get that their fey-ish fashions are made tough enough for bear country. That's why Mark, while being very slim and fastidious, sports a steel-wool beard and an even steelier stare. Model Matches Fashion. His right hand begs for a cigarette while his left hand simply enjoys the feel of wood. Although he's never chopped wood (even in his nightmares), you can be sure his rock-hard ass is impervious to splinter penetration. What is he gazing at? Bottles of Dasani water on the catering table; hot lights, dry throat, thirsty. The ad is strangely, compellingly simple, as opposed to this sexually confusing forest scene execution for Frankie Morello clothing.

(R)—ad for G-Star Raw, an edgy NY collection of their (mostly) denim fashions. G-Star's campaign positioning seems to be to uncomfortably position models in fake store settings (this five-story billboard put them in cramped changing rooms; this one features a babe on all fours on a floor stand.). Above, petite Paul—raw head-to-toe— stylishly slides his waifish bod between some sort of retail wall fixtures. In this case, the model really is posing as a living mannequin, kinda like in the movie Mannequin when living-doll Kim Cattrall (Samantha from Sex In The City for you youngsters) had to hurry back after a night of frolicking and assume her position in the store window. After his Night of Denim Lust, Paul returned to the G-Star store only to find his window display had been completely changed into a hip-hop scene. So, in a rushed effort to look inconspicuous, he just wedged himself into the store wall. What A Twat!
(both ads emailed by art director Bill Green at MakeTheLogoBigger)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think some of your links are mislinked. i wanted to look at the babe on all fours (in order to be horrified by the wrongness, of course) and i couldn't. now i'm sad.

3:01 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

not mislinked. it's the pic on the left, the model is on all-fours, butt down.

3:23 PM  
Blogger MARIA H said...

I like how you eyed fucked the babe in ALL4S...

Fun Blog!

3:26 PM  

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