Friday, February 22, 2008

Link Haze, 2/22/08.

Sugar Bush the squirrel as Benazir Bhutto (don't send your hate mail to me). (link)
• The New York City High School for Innovation in Advertising & Media (which I half-assedly posted on last September) now has a short name: I.AM High. (link)
• Pepsi has a stupid new tagline: More Happy. Coke to unveil Morer Happier next month. (link, via)
• Guinness wants St. Patrick's Day made into a national holiday. I want a Guinness right this very fucking moment. (link)
• New York's orthodox Jews are not happy with the promiscuous "Get Some" NYC condom tagline. (link)
• Big Union Nod, Lying Yankee, and other band names culled from this week's Google headlines. (link)
• Strong, black women saluted with weak, white ads. (link)
Rent-A-Dildo. Via.
• In honor of President's Day, a 37-year-old man swallowed a bag of Meth and then tried to purchase a watch using $100 bills with Lincoln on them. He was summarily tasered. (link)
• A whiny group called Fathers and Husbands whined about the Pepsi spot with Justin Timberlake because Mr. FutureSex got slammed in the balls. (link)
• Brooklyn is the great melting pot, and so sometimes you get some creative English signage. (link)
• Lawyers and the blues do not go together. Unless the song's about a shot-dead lawyer. (link)
• Kenneth Cole, the Worst Copywriter In The History Of Advertising™, has a blog. It's called AWEARNESS. Of course it is.
• "Nosy" is not a smart cover letter word. (link)
• Tylenol's new campaign tries to own the Headache. (link)
• An in-depth look at the depiction of Gays in advertising. (link)
• Creepy Russian tombstones. (link)
• Agent Provocateur puts live stripping model in window display. (link)
• Finally, Britney Spears in 20 years. (link)


Blogger Hugh Ryan said...

Hey man - thought you might be interested in this list of innovative ads:

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pepsi "more happy" campaign was a bit dated (try feb of 2007)

7:46 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

LIke I care. The site I got it from said it was new. I posted it. But thanks for taking precious time out of your life to fact check for a blogger.

9:26 PM  

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