Friday, April 25, 2008

Link Haze, 4/25/08.

• ...and that's a wrap for the inevitable Eliot Splitz-her porn flick. (link)
• Sheep sculptures with telephone heads. (link)
• Excerpts from a soul-crushing email from a CEO. (link)
• This internal Leo Burnett ad is probably a fake, but forcing "creatives" to abandon their precious ironic tees for polo shirts is a wickedly humorous thought. (link)
• Omnicom attributes their excellent 1st quarter growth to not hiring unqualified minorities. OK, not really. (link)
• Jägermeister, the drink of idiots, is promoting themselves by fake-promoting their not-selves. Keen. (link)
• Dunkin' Donuts In NYC says to patrons, "H2No." (link)
• This is how Bushwick Brooklyn does the "welcome mat." (link)
• Your nude chat babe doesn't wake up for free guests (link, via CMM news)
• For anybody else out there who grew up in cancer-rich New Jersey, this is for you: The Toxic Avenger is being turned into a musical (again), this time in the Garden State with music by Bon Jovi's keyboardist. (link)


Blogger rk said...

You'll have to pry my post-ironic t-shirt from my hot, sweaty back

7:47 PM  

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