Friday, May 02, 2008

Link Haze, 5/02/08.

• Naked chicks on post-it notes. (link)
Dickipedia. (link, thanks Kevin Erskine)
• Ironic Sans has created an iGoogle theme he calls Googlyi, as in googlyi eyes. It's fun. (link)
• SPAM emails are getting prettier. (link)
• This week in band names culled from Google news. Madam Suicide is good for an all-girl punk band. (link)
• Meet The Gayes. (link)
• Will-It-Blend? guy blends lollipop covered in back hair within a video selling an ice cream snack. (link)
• NYU philosophy student brings in a muffin with razor blades in it for his "absurdism" class project. Student in next class bits into it. (link)
• If you'd like to read a review of Grand Theft Auto IV that really gives you a feel for what it's like, don't read this one. (link)
• Remember the super-duper nitty-gritty Montana meth ads? Well, after much protesting, the rapey one's been pulled. (link)
• Advertising misleads consumers in every way possible. (link)
• When Wal-Mart advertises their pharmacy service to old black people, they of course choose a stock photo of a jazz musician. (link)
• Piranha jacket. (link)
• It's the launch of Cordarounds, the lightest corduroy pants in history. (link)
• Finally, there is a magical happy place in Manhattan where you can get an 8 oz. Coke...for a dime. (link)


Blogger Craig McNamara said...

Pravda's right in that advertising does mislead people -- but often it's done unintentionally:

6:55 PM  
Blogger Les Miserable said...

Oh yes... NakedChicksOnPostItNotes. Triggered something in me...Hitler's nude studies. You seen them? Down the bottom (ha ha) of this post of mine - Hitler Nude

1:36 PM  

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