Friday, June 27, 2008

Link Haaazzze, 6/27/08.

• Army Elvis was my favorite. (link)
Devo sues/doesn't like McDonald's. (link)
• The latest skeevy thing to blame on the pants-optional CEO: "douchebag-neck" t-shirts. (link)
• Spirit Airlines Brazilian airfare: $69 of course. (link)
• Discovery Channel's "When We Left Earth" bus stop poster mildly cool. (link)
• 1950s ad creatives created laughably misleading 1984 cover. (link)
• Old Spice spots were good. Now, not so good. (link)
• Every once in awhile, if you ride the NYC subway every day, you witness a scene that reminds you that you don't live in fucking Shangri-La. (link)
• Man vs. banner ads. (link)
• Texas senator's campaign ad is a parody of country classic Big Bad John. (link)
• Tampax—VERY ABSORBENT. (link)
Exactly. (link)
• Air New Zealand made sure gays knew they were looking at a gay ad. (link)
• Robert Mugabe's TV ad, even funnier than his poster. (link)
• Craig Reynolds photography. (link, via)
• Hey 5'-9" guys—three-inch wedges for men. (link, via)
• Bank gives away ice cream; that'll calm people's financial worries. (link)
• Staying with banks, man screwed by Bank of America hangs "I hate Bank of America" sign on the side of his house; bank calls police; guy says he ain't taking down sign; police say OK. (link)
Vice makes intern drink 6 cups of coffee made from cat shit. Remember this is Vice, so believe it or not. (link)
• 50 Cent, who's been shot 0-9 times, invites us to use him for target practice on the poster for G-Unit's next release. (link)
Videogum is right: this video is going to cause many copycat injuries. (link)
• Lastly, Specter slyly subverts outdoor advertising. (link—click Projects and then Ad Project, via)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, those wedges... in the news here in Italy, too. Not surprising -at 6'3" I am among the very tallest in my age group (I am 38) in the country.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think women used to be told they could not bathe while they had their periods. I guess that was when water had to be pumped from the well. Now it looks as though we are free to suck it up.

10:18 PM  

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