Monday, August 11, 2008

French mushroom ads look like ads for shrooms.

(click ads for closer look. here's a third ad.)
The headline, loosely translated, reads: Paris Mushrooms, they are definitely happiest in your mouth. Like, wow, man. My mouth is being invaded by magic mushroom men from Mars. Shiiiiiit. Fungus Fun gus. FUN. GUS. Gus is FUN. Hey little duuudes, you're all melting. Mellltiiiing... OK, everybody out of my gob—I gotta make a run to the Hemp Store. previously in trippy art direction: Sears pays for ad guys' weed; Scrabble's cool visual puzzle ads; they got screaming sore throat pain; farm animal carcasses posed like Playmates; and Dills Digestive Pills ads feature salmon sushi Concorde and raw tuna Porsche.


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