Friday, January 08, 2010

Ad Agency New Biz Pitch: Here's Our Creative "Blood"

(click image, via) Sometimes, there really is nothing to compare to ad agency hubris. Barcelona shop Iskiam Jara sent out these packages to prospects with test tubes filled with their creatives' blood (Not real, of course. At least I fucking hope not.). Yes they really did this. The message inside reads (translated): "It was once thought that creativity was an indefinable concept, but research showed that it is a natural activity in influencing genetic, environmental and haphazard. It’s stable, durable and unique to each human being. So you want to share our DNA, so that this coming year we have at your side. Come to bleed for you. You choose, clone or account with us." I choose...neither. Word is, the follow-up pieces will include used condoms of the agency's male creative directors.
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Blogger Eve Martel said...

A guy in Montreal did the same thing to find a job in an agency... about 7 years ago. It worked for him! :)

11:06 AM  

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