Monday, September 06, 2010

O.J. killed my Dingo Kid!

(click ad, via) You younger people may not know this, but back in the 70s, before he was a non-convicted double-murderer, O.J. Simpson flew through airports for Hertz and got paid to wear ugly-ass Dingo boots. Now, to get your autographed pic of the hall of fame running back, mail a check or money order—a hundred bucks should be enough—to him c/o the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.


Anonymous franCo. said...

Both star struck Dingo kids eventually grew tired of their fine leather boots and to this day, still hard core OJ fans, are now wearing Bruno Maglis.

Bruno Magli shoes were in the spotlight during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. On June 19, 1995, FBI expert William Bodziak testified that the famous bloody shoe prints at the scene of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman had been left by a size-12 pair of $230 Bruno Magli shoes ("Lorenzo" model).

Simpson called the Brunos "ugly ass" shoes while denying he ever owned them. Photos were later shown to the jury of Simpson at a September 1993 football game, wearing shoes positively identified by Bodziak as size 12, Lorenzo-style Bruno Maglis.

The actual shoes used during the crime have not been recovered.

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