Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WonderBra Ad of the Week.

(image via) By Dutch agency Aap Eet Banaan. Real or fake, unknown (just like boobs encased in a WonderBra). It is the simplest WonderBra ad I've seen. And I've seen lots of them. 3-D. A big breasted big bad wolf. A woman who can't see her feet. The subtlest WonderBra ad ever. Dead woman coffin humor. Pancake tits. Funny subway installation. Glass-breaking knockers. And dangerous button-popping.
Students? Some advice: don't put spec WonderBra ads in your portfolio.


Anonymous Ryan Rosado said...

I think Aap Eet Banaan might have been inspired by CAPTCHAS in this scenario. It's definitely simplistic yet makes you want to look at it for second, think about it, and then go AHH, wonderbra. Nothing like subtle perversion.

4:02 PM  

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