Monday, April 03, 2006


That's right Little Leaguers! You wanna play for the Yankees someday, you gotta start hitting the sauce now. Gatorade Smatorade. Tell coach to fill the cooler with Johnnie Walker and ice. When you shred your ass sliding badly into second, you won't feel a fucking thing kid. Plus, coach will be happy, win or lose. Just don't let him drive you home.
Johnnie Walker:
Official Sports Drink
of the New York Yankees.

(clipped from yesterday's NY Times baseball preview section.)
(Note: "Johnny" Walker was a catcher with the Philadelphia A's for parts of three seasons from 1919-1921. He had a .251 career average with 2 HRs.)


Blogger Mindspy said...

What's the Steroid to water ratio? Also, can they gaurentee it contains genuine Johnnie Walker?

9:04 AM  

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