Monday, July 16, 2007

Put that in your tailpipe and inflate it.

(click image for clearer view)
2008 Summer Olympics host China is desperately trying to reduce its wickedly unhealthy levels of air pollution, lest the marathon runners hack up lungs mid-race. To support the country's too little, too late effort, the World Wildlife Fund recently kicked off a 20 to 20 campaign (20 ways everyone can save energy on a daily basis) with the above tailpipe installation. It's a cute, impressive image, but how much of an effect do you think it will really have on the world's fastest-growing auto market?
(scanned from the latest Intersection magazine)
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Blogger Triple talaq said...

Basically a guerilla show pony ad for the award shows.

A couple awards, a few promotions and a chance for the creative team to move up from "fluffer" to "queef"

3:00 PM  

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