Monday, September 24, 2007

I apologize, Leo Burnett.

I had previously been less than complimentary about a few of Leo Burnett's more recent executions in the long-running and mostly good Altoids print campaign; in particular, I poo-pooed a couple smarty-pants New Yorker executions (1, 2). But now, we have this print ad, right—one of the first I've seen since the account left Burnett earlier this year for Publicis/Hal Riney. Creative responsibilities have since apparently been reassigned to BBDO (4th paragraph). Anyway, I'm not a "journalist" so I don't care which shop did this super-dull chocolate-dipped piece of cliché turd. I just want to formerly apologize to any Leo Burnett creatives who worked on the other above linked executions. A little bit of relativism can change one's mind right quick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two great tastes that taste bad together.

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