Friday, October 05, 2007

Link Haze, 10/05/07.

Many of you may find this hard to believe (especially considering these past posts), But I genuinely wish Donny Deutsch luck in his upcoming ratings battle with the new Fox Business Channel. (link)
A UK agency called Nonsense wants you to vote on which direction, creatively, their website should go. Go vote. I think they should use their grannies. (link)
NYC agency Gigantic is suing NYC agency We Are Gigantic. Normally, I'd say 'fuck both youz," but since We Are Gigantic is responsible for this not-funny "funny" work for Mike's Hard Lemonade, I side with Gigantic. (link)
ADam's P.A. had to delete his funny diary about his former shitstick CD boss, for, he says, legal reasons. However, he sent me a PDF of all his posts; if you want a copy, write me.
The Observer asks Why Have Ad Men Lost Their Mojo? I don't have the definitive answer, but you'd certainly never have seen Bill Bernbach doing what this guy is doing. (link)
Pink shotguns for the ladies, so they can finally feel comfortable hunting deer. They can wear their pink hockey jerseys to stay warm. (link)
I love some of these posters from the 1920s for the London Tube. (link, via adfreak)
Yes, I suppose a knuckle-knock is a better option than the handshake during flu season. (link)
Via The Assimilated Negro: "Natural" Cheetos® —the most oxymoronically-named product of our time? (link)
Bermuda is quickly becoming the fattest country in the world. They blame...Coco-Pops®. (link)
Smuggler hides ecstasy tablets in...Mr. PotatoHead ("I Love You!"). (link)
Speaking off drugs, one of my favorite things in this whole wide world is when pot dealers rip of candy packaging design to wrap their product. (link)
AND finally, there's still one BACON WRISTBAND left to give away! Send me a KICKASS tip you lazy slugs!


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Thanks for the tube art link; these are fantastic. The last one is my favorite.

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