Friday, October 05, 2007

NYU boys & girls learn to "Remove condom while facing away from partner..."

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Yesterday on Washington Place, NYU held a street health fair for the bashful students who don't yet know their way around genitalia.
No. 9 on this condom instructions list is quite confusingly worded. "...pick it up and turn around!" "It" being—what?—my now semi-erect dick? Did it fall off? Do the kids these days have detachable penises? (update: the "it" is of course the dildo; although I wonder if a couple of kids whipped it out for a hands-on tutorial.)
Not pictured: the booth next to this one featured life-size sets of rubber testes for showing the freshman boys how to give themselves testicle exams.
Also not pictured: the booths teaching the kiddies about fruity lubricants, the Penis Patch™, Labiaplasty, and how to Microwave A Melon.
(pic snapped bt the Archeress.)
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