Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you like my two new Comme des Garçons shirts?

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I am nothing if not a post-modern Beau Brummell. So, after spying these two Comme des Garçons shirt ads in Paper, I marched into their Chelsea boutique and asked to try on "My Little Eye," and "Heart Beat Machine." However, the androgyne Eurasian salesperson informed me that these were, in fact, not shirts, but "machine sculptures" by the French artist Paul Granjon. I was having none of it. "It says 'SHIRT,' see?" I said to her/him pointing at the ads. He/She said that what the ads probably meant was that Comme des Garçon was saying that their shirts are works of art. "OHHHHH," I said knowingly with a wink. "Edgy," I said, backing up and smiling and shooting double gun fingers at him/her. previously in fashion ads from ScatterBrainia: Frankie Morello's half-naked forest sprite; the Uniqlo antelope; DEAD is the new BLACK; the Sergio Rossi contortionist.


Blogger Andrea Karim said...

Wow. Finger guns? Because, if really, I officially love you.

11:24 PM  

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