Friday, March 07, 2008

Link Haze, 3/07/08.

• A $110,000 handbag (right). (link)
• Rolling Rock is doing "moonvertising." Why? Because it's STUPID! (link)
• The latest campaign shitting up the bowels (haha, I funny) of Grand Central is for Cottonelle. (link)
• Need a generic blond, low-budget Internet advertisers? She's your woman, though she only has one photo-ready outfit. (link)
• Hey Ameriprise (they of the retarded red chair campaign): If I had to pick an actor to handle my retirement money, it would definitely be Dennis Hopper. Here's a parody video (thanks Ryan Iverson for the tip) (link).
• Firebrand, the advertising-as-entertainment TV station failed—what a surprise! Hey, all you "creative directors" who think you're producing "art"—I hope this helps you see the delusional light. (link)
• Caller in to Rush Limbaugh says Barack Obama reminds him of Curious George. Limbaugh laughs. Later, says he didn't know Curious George was a monkey. Cover that fat ass, white supremacist. (link)
• Palm tree clip art is quite popular with local Florida businesses. (link)
• An online dictionary of idiotic (concepting, ideating) advertising terms. (link)
• Bed-Stuy Brooklyn now features a phone booth for shorties. (link)
• Lego wants to build bigger business with girls. Good luck with that. (link) Lego—the first campaign I ever "created" in ad school.
• The best newspaper headline ever written, for a soccer match. (link)
• This ad promoting Adelaide, Australia is just amazingly insane. (link)
• Finally, Dora the Vagina Explorer. (link)


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have you seen the american apparel homepage lately?? it's pretty disgusting...

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