Friday, June 13, 2008

Link Haze, 6/13/08.

• Well looky here: Obama isn't the only politician adept at the "terrorist fist jab," as idiotic FoxNews called it. (link)
• Speaking of racism and Obama, it's the Obama SockMonkey. (link)
Svedka offered Hillary Clinton free vodka for life. (link)
• TreeHugger takes a studied look at Green branding. (link)
• Trojan's handing out free condoms in NYC today, " stop blistering New York 'heat' of another kind." (link)
• MGD Light ad says humans have "almost" 64 fingers/toes. (link)
• Parasites! (link)
• New Bridezillas bus stop installations. (link)
• Let us reflect on Jesus for a moment. (link)
• Gummi penises (oops). (link)
• The million dollar petite clutch. (link, via)
• The £9,170 Chanel fly-fishing kit. (link)
• Florida pizza joints oh-so-touching tribute ad to 9/11. (link)
• Clive Owen's face girlified for Lancôme ad. (link)
• Canned bottled water. (link)
Yet another despicable diamond ad. (link)
• Rip Torn is not sexual-predator stock art. (link)
• Ironic Sans latest brainstorm: The Progress Bar. (link)
• craigslist ad of the week: 100 large panties, rainbow colors...(link)
• lastly, Gentle Eye Remover, only $4.89. (link)


Blogger Tess said...

The most obnoxious DeBeers ad I saw said "Isn't she worth 2 months salary?"

The entire diamond engagement ring thing annoys me but to try to induce people at ALL income levels that they need to spend nearly 17% of their annual salary on one is truly despicable.

11:04 PM  

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