Tuesday, January 05, 2010

AFLAC Duck Takes Over USA Today Quotes Page.

(click ad, scanned from today's USA Today) Though the Gilbert Gottfried-voiced fowl's 10-year run is probably soon dead (Gilbert, you should contact the Fleshlight people), he temporarily lives on with this invasive blind ad in the national paper's money section. The youdontknowquack website first makes you answer two stupid true/false questions about curing hiccups and dim-light reading, before getting to the point—that you probably have misconceptions about the comprehensiveness of your health insurance coverage. I guess since it made me visit the site, it's a successful ad. That media placement cost a bundle, and approving the distracting duck shadow was not much of a risk for USA Today—who the hell still reads stock quotes in a newspaper?
Previous insurance ads: AccuQuote guilts you to death. Iggy Pop is chairman of the bored. Chubb's raging sexual harassment ad. Pet insurance ad stunt one of the sickest things I've ever seen. And 1926 Prudential ad was pure fucking evil.


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