Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fake hot barrister with bare midriff helps hawk bullsh*t body serum.

(click ad, via) Get Waisted™ (oy), the "holy grail (oy) of slimming potions," maximizes lipolysis..."giving you slim fat cells and a slimmer silhouette." Combine it with Innoxa tit-firming cream and well, ladies, your upper body will be as tight as a 12-year-old Swiss boy's rubber. Speaking of the law, I wonder if there're any pending cases in the UK court system challenging the fat deposit fighting properties of (oy) Get Waisted™. To distract consumers from the dubiousness of its serum, mama mio says they're donating 1£ of the 35£ purchase price of every bottle bought through their website to the beauty industry's Look Good Feel Better NGO—which supports women with cancer. Well, that's something. Ad agency: Baber Smith. Previously in Bullshit Products:
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you be the judge ?

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