Tuesday, September 07, 2010


(click image) Ladies, here's the iPhone app men looking over your shoulder have been waiting for. iAugment was developed by a New Orleans plastic surgeon. Just upload a photo of yourself, preferably in a "bra, bathing suit, or light colored top," highlight the target area, and move that slider left and right to watch your rib balloons inflate and deflate. "Results of actual surgery will vary." (via)
Previously in ads with fake boobs:
fake-titted model selling Nikes.
• (nsfw) Fun Bags missing Twist Ties.
• (nsfw) new German typeface: Playmatica.
• (nsfw) fake tits used to sell bullshit breast firming cream.
• Statutory rape awareness ads feature 13 year-olds with DD cups.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is sad. Society makes women with smaller breasts feel bad about themselves and they need to be "fixed." There are plenty of advantageous to being a small-breasted woman! You can run, jog, play tennis, ride horses, etc. without anything getting in the way. Your breasts are cute and perky, your nips aren't the size of dinner plates (gross!). Men don't talk to your breasts, they notice how beautiful your eyes are! You're always sure why people like you - for you! Let's stop this awful trend making young women suffer over the way God made them. Plenty of men and women love small breasts!

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

"rib balloons"??

5:26 PM  

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