Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something I don't want to see in the NYC subway: a gas mask warning.

(click images, via) Gothamist already covered this end-of-summer New York City subway car takeover campaign from Gillette deodorant and bodywash, but this post is for my millions of national and international readers.
I spotted these on the A train a couple weeks back, and was a little surprised they were approved by the MTA. Ha, YES, very funny: Official looking gaseous warning posters erected inside what is quite possibly the next bombing/gassing targets for Al-Qaeda terrorists. Plus, as anybody who's ridden the subway for the past 25 years will tell you, the cars smell like fucking botanical gardens these days, comparatively speaking.
Am I being too sensitive? Yes, of course. But this is what I do as this copyranter character: find fault with everything.
Previous ill-advised subway ads:
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• Chicago: spuds for C.H.U.D.s.
• The Ricola "mystery" cougher.
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