Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The funniest gym commercial I've seen in a while.

BANG! POW! This spot for gym chain Planet Fitness and one other one not as funny just starting airing in NYC this past week. Having belonged to both pump-idiot bullethead gyms and so called "no-judgement" ones, I can appreciate the humor here. Hopefully their clientele matches the ad's promise. The copy payoff is a bit weak. Campaign by Boston agency Mullen, their first work for the chain. Previous gym ads:
Crunch (stupid) • Equinox (awful) • David Barton (ass) • Gold's (mocks fatties) • Gold's (again, mocks fatties). Passage Fitness First (hernia or orgasm?).


Anonymous Amy said...

I gotta agree - this is hilarious and oh-so-perfect

10:28 AM  

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