Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fatty turns into Hottie on Bottled Water Label.

(click image, via) This has been out a while, but hasn't gotten much web play. Bad Liebenzeller brand bottled water (named after the German spa town it's bottled in) wanted to promote the (misleading) claim that drinking water makes you thin. So, via their ad agency Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, they put a slim bikini-ed woman on the inside of their label, and let illusion take care of the rest. Note ladies: if you only drink half a bottle, your ass stays fat. Note 2: bottled water is fucking evil. Previously in bad bottled water ads:
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• and, 50 Cent reading the Wall Street Journal and drinking Vitamin water.


Anonymous Martin said...

By changing to water instead of soda or juice you will reduce your calorie intake and thereby lose weight.. Water is healthy, period.

9:26 AM  

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