Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Note to DockersĀ®: Khakis are not manly.

(click image, via adrants)
This, this is laughable.
As part of their timely 1950s-esque "Wear the pants" campaign, Dockers' ad agency Draftfcb San Francisco mailed out the brand's "Alpha" (snicker) khakis in whiskey-like packages to 600 male online consumers. Because real men drink whiskey, while wearing the wuss pants favored by flabby middle manager drones all across America. It's yet another "call to masculinity", bros. "Reclaim your lost male-aesthetic", business casual pussies. Add Dockers to your MAN UP product list, which should also include Miller Lite (or Coors Light), Pepsi Max, and of course the Fleshlight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Khakis are not manly.

i'm confoozd - so which pants are, men?


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