Thursday, September 06, 2007

For once, the LOGO isn't the biggest thing in a bank ad.

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AKbank is Turkey's largest private sector bank, with 689 branches and 12,333 (such an exact number) employees nationwide. I gotta admit, the idea here perplexed me for a few minutes, which was actually a pleasing experience given all the absolutely boring expected visuals throughout finance advertising. As far I know, the Biggest Fucking Stick of Cotton Candy Ever doesn't have some different, nuanced meaning to Turks. But then, I read the small subhead: "Not to mention the most customer-oriented."
A-HA! I think the visual is referring to the old cliche of American banks giving out little lollipops to their customers. The idea's there, but it's so completely muddled by the execution. And, why didn't they use a big lollipop? Well, at least they didn't use an ugly 50-foot tall logo.
(scanned from October's Bloomberg Markets)
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Screw the cotton candy...the grammar is so bad it's making me grind my teeth. Also, I had to rewrite this comment three times to fix all the grammatical errors.

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