Friday, January 11, 2008

Link Haze, 1/11/08.

Here ya go, you whiny bitches—the longest Link Dump in the history of pathetic ad blogs. Should keep you no-life's busy all fucking weekend.
A restaurant in Germany creatively works around the smoking ban. Right now, every eatery in France is busy bashing holes in the walls. (link)
Even more fun with contextual ad fuck-ups: iomega ad with "Burn Baby Burn" headline runs next to story about burnt, dead baby. (link)
Yasgur's farm is for sale. Cracked has a wonderful idea for a reality TV show: turn the Woodstock venue into a farm Gulag for ex-hippies. (link, 2nd item)
Now this is getting your money's worth out of a billboard. (link)
Fun retro ads for Guinness. (link)
How dare you think that Gary Busey's career is dead? He's making a split-second appearance on the Procede hair restoration Website video. (link)
Visit a bygone era when fast food really was cheaper than cooking. (link)
A couple of youz have asked for my take on the new Equinox gyms ad campaign. Well here it is: PRETENTIOUS PAP, though an improvement on their previous horseshit. I do like the one birthday cake execution; at least it makes a little sense. (link)
This is old news, but I feel it is my duty to report on it: I'm glad's new ad campaign is nailing creepy Dr. Neil Clark Warren where it hurts. (link)
If you haven't seen this video of Grey NYC's creative director Tor Myhren impersonating Sinéad O'Connor, it is hi-larious. (link)
Here's the full details of AdWeek's re-launch. Let's see if they even come within shouting distance of the vastly superior AdAge. (link)
Barack Obama's logo is purty! (link)
Those krazy kreatives at TBWA\Chiat\Day have a big banner of Grady Wilson from Sanford & Son fame hanging in their office. Why? Because they're...KRAZY KREATIVE! (link)
Glamorous cat wigs. Zippy The Pinhead could pull off wearing one. (link) sponsors their sponsors. Slick. (link)
DSquared's new footwear ads feature models as crash test dummies. (link)
The company's name is Butt Foods. (link)
Target's Red Bull pricing is a total fucking ripoff. (link)
Noted streethorser Steve Aoki rocks a sequined American flag vest. (link)
This interactive Web banner for the Mini Clubman is cool (via AgencyTart).
Harry Winston presents the "Avenue C Midsize" watch for...$37,300. Also available: the South Bronx Premier for $148,300. (link)
Scroll down to watch a video of a TV ad for a "urinated upon" lawyer. thanks to Matt McDermott for the tip. (link)
Somebody started a site called "babyranter," and I told him I would link to it. Here it is. Hasn't been updated recently. (link)
Maybe the most pathetic thing about pathetic Brooklyn hipsters: Feuding hipster loft parties. (link)
And FINALLY—New York City man of the Streets, Robert Fucking De Fucking Niro, is opening a TriBeCa flophouse in April with rooms starting at...$725/night. (link)
NEVER again, will I do a Link Dump like this. Right now, I so hate all of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these man. And fuck you too!

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when do you pluralize with an apostrophe? Tsk.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with the guy smoking in a vagina? My weekend can begin.

6:14 PM  
Blogger RFB said...

You done some homework, son! Nice link haze, fucker!

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Copyranter, I bet my nifty pink capri pants that you're also The Fonejacker...

5:17 PM  

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